Turner's Beach and Lunch -
Relax on one of our most popular beaches, lovely views and historical past

Nelson's Dockyard Museum Duration: 3.5 hrs.
Nelson's Dockyard, Dow Hill Interpretation Center, Shirley's Heights, Fig Tree Drive and Stop for Lunch at Turner's Beach. English Harbour, Antigua's historic district, is focused on the 15sq. miles of Nelson's Dockyard National Park. Developed as a base for the British Navy in the great age of sail. The harbour served as the headquarters of the fleet of the Leeward Islands during the late 18th century. Today Nelson's Dockyard has been completely restored. It is now the only Georgian dockyard in the world.
Scenic view over Shirley Heights and Atlantic Ocean

Dow's Hill Interpretation Center, is a place visitors can watch an impressive multimedia presentation of Antigua's history. From its initial settlement to independence. Observation decks at Dow's Hill provide another fine view of the harbour. Further above the harbour, at Shirley's Heights, are the partially-restored fortifications of the harbour's colonial observation post. The view from Shirley's Heights extends out over the harbour and far across the Caribbean to neighboring islands.

Turners Beach Bar and Restaurant, Antigua

Turner's Beach is located on the Southern Coast of the Island. The trip from the capital of St. Johns to Turner's Beach is approximately 30 minutes. On Turner's beach there is a relaxing beach bar and restaurant - serving local cuisine.

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