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Walk on the soft sand and enjoy sipping a cool beverage!

Couple on beach, Antigua Premier Tour offers a day of fun on the beach. Long Bay is one of our best beaches. It is located on the Northeastern side of the Island. The drive from the capital of St Johns to Long Bay is approximately 20 to 25 minutes. The reef is in swimming distance of the shore and is safe for the entire family. Beyond the reef there is a drop of approximately six to seven feet. It is very visible with lots of marine life. While on the break you can rent Jet Ski's and kayaks. Or, you can charter a boat which takes you to the neighboring Islands such as Green Island, Bird Island, Guiana Island or Crump Island. An attendant will be with you if you may need any assistance. At the end of the day on the beach you will be taken on a visit to the Devil's Bridge... a natural arch carved by the constant pounding action of the Atlantic over hundreds of years. Located on the north east shore of Antigua, the bridge and surrounding area of Indian Town Point became a National Park in the 1950's.
Tropical Reef Fish in Antigua

Full snorkeling gear, Beach Chair and complementary Fruit or Rum Punch.

Maximum time for Beach Break = 5 hours

Snorkeling is approximately: 1 hour

Minimum number of persons = 8

Price includes transportation to and from the beach.

Turners Beach Antigua

Located on the southern coast of the Island, this is one of our most popular beaches for visitors. The trip from the capital of St. John's to Turner's Beach is approximately 30 minutes. On Turner's Beach there is a very nice beach bar and restaurant. While at Turner's Beach you may rent beach chairs, have lunch, or take a tour to Cade's Reef on Calypso Franco's Glass Bottom Boat. While at Cade's Reef you may snorkel and enjoy the beautiful marine life. The snorkeling at Cade's Reef takes approximately 45 minutes. For further information about the Glass bottom Boat Tour at Cade's Reef, please contact us.

Location: Turner's Beach
Minimum number of persons = 8
Price includes: Transportation to and from the beach, full snorkeling gear, beach chair and complementary fruit punch or rum punch.
Maximum time for beach break = 5 Hours

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