Fort Barrington -
Experience a part of our naval history.

Canon at Fort Barrington Antigua

FORT BARRINGTON, (1779- c. 1850). In 1779 the southern entrance to St. John’s Harbour was strongly fortified by Admiral Barrington, who had defeated the French off St. Lucia in 1778. The fort is a giant semi-circular gun emplacement dominating the approaches to St. John's Harbour. It is placed upon a hill on the harbour’s southern side. The interior is interesting to explore, for found therein, are dungeon-like rooms and a powder magazine.

Old fort in Antigua

The ruin is also worth a visit. The magnificent views from this lookout are truly breath taking indeed. Fort Barrington was strengthened in 1790 to forestall attacks by French forces. Fort Barrington continued to play an important role in defense of the island until the second half of the XIX century (1801 -1900). A 300-foot hike to the summit (about 30 minutes) takes you up to an astounding view! It is well worth the effort.

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